From History of the Library

Lending books at Týniště nad Orlicí began in the year 1836, when “Knižnice školy týnišťské”(Scool Library of Týniště) was established thanks to well known patriots Josef Vladimír Pelikán and local curate Josef Krasoslav Čižinský. In the years 1837 – 1838 the Scool Library became an original member of Matice Česká (Czech cultural association). In the year 1883 Čtenářsko – ochotnická beseda (reader-amateurisch club) was established and its library took over the function from former Scool Library. Its fund fell to Huss Public Library on February 20, 1922 and its part has been still preserved in the property of today´s Municipal Library. The Library had been in charge of volunteers untill the year 1962, later it was run by professionals. In the year 1993 the building of the former Nursery School at the neighbourhood U Dubu was adapted for its activities.

Some Facts about the Library

The collection contains 45 712 books (to the end of 2008) and 701 registred readers. From this amount of books there are 15 642 items of the nonfiction literature and 30 070 items of the fiction. Annual addition is 1000 volumes. The collection is arranged according to Kp-win SQL and this system is applied to automated lending protocol in the both departments of the Library. The collection includes fiction for both children and adults, professional literature of all branches, maps, atlases and the special collection of regional literature referring to Týniště nad Orlicí and the nearest surrounding. In the reading room there is at readers´ disposal reference library, which contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, 59 kinds of periodicals. The Library creates a fund of electronic information on CD-ROM, both multimedial encyclopedias and CD, DVD supplements to magazines.

Inside the Library there is an exposition room, where exhibitions of paintings and photographs are taken place.

At present the Town Library cares about 14 local lending libraries at the villages in the surrounding of Týniště nad Orlicí – at Křivice, Petrovice, Štěpánovsko, Žďár nad Orlicí, Lípa nad Orlicí, Nová Ves, Albrechtice nad Orlicí, Voděrady. In these libraries there are local enthusiasts working willingly and voluntarily several hours a week for their fellow-citizens especially for children and pensioners, who can read new books without inconvenient travelling to Týniště. The Town Library at Týniště prepares separate exchange collections for those libraries, which have been growing since the year 2002 also owing to financial support of the Ministry of Culture.


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